PRAXIS is on the largest technical company in Lesvos, with long time investment in main fields like constructions, energy and environment, with more than 20 years of experience and expertise in public and private sector projects.

Our company provides a wide activity on all construction fields, undertaking civil engineering, building, hydraulic, harbour-related, road construction, electromechanical, energy-industrial, pipe networking, sport facilities, renovation/facelift, solid and biological waste management system projects. 

In the private sector projects, our company has gain an excellent reputation, providing a portfolio of high specification buildings, residencies, multi-store buildings, preservable traditional building facelifts, hotel facilities, small and big industrial buildings, and sport facilities development. 

In the fields of energy, our company invests on reusable energy sources, thorough the construction of photovoltaic parks and biomass energy systems.

In the field of environment, our company participates in projects related to wastewater treatment and waste management systems.

PRAXIS is accredited with a 3rd generation contractor certificate for public sector projects, but also for Real estate and Reusable energy resources management systems.