PRAXIS is able to commit to the renovation of your store, in a timely way without compromising on quality. 

Our company can undertake the full renovation or facelift of your business, even with following the blueprints of your architect or the instructions of your decorator, providing specialised technical teams of people from inside and outside the island. This way your store will be ready to accept customers again, in no time. 

Industrial facilities

Our company is highly experienced on constructing industrial facilities, even on conventional structures (reinforced concrete) or buildings on metal with panels. Our ability to cover and confront with all needs of a modern structure, leaves you with no choice but to choose PRAXIS for the delivery of your project. Special structures, silos, weight-bridges, wastewater management systems is a small sample of our wide portfolio.

We offer massive experience, performance based on individual project circumstances and techno-economic support on financed projects.