Our mission is to emerge PRAXIS to a top business partner in the Constructions, Energy and Environment sectors, covering initially the domestic market and looking forward expanding to new growing economies abroad.

Our vision is the continual improvement of our financial assets, always taking advantage of our wide activity portfolio, our excellent market reputation and credibility we grown over all these years in the field. 

PRAXIS main strategy keys are:

  1. Constructions
    By seeking participation to both public and private sector projects, to ensure commitment to our goal and longtime revenues.
  2. Business strategy
    Visioning growth based on large constructions companies standards, divorcing revenues by expanding to related fields: environmental projects, solid/special/biological management and processing systems, alternative resources for electric energy and other.s 
  3. Real estate 
    Selective investment and development of construction projects, of hight weight, prestige and aesthetics level, emphasising to both urban and country side residences, office and market stores, small and big industrial buildings, always providing consulting services. 

Our potentials for achieving all the above:

  • Longtime based experience and excellent know-how on our fields of activity
  • Excellent market penetration
  • Continual research and training on new material,  technology developments and their application
  • Capable and expert staff
  • Providing reliable services
  • Enjoying high Customer and partner trust
  • Strong capital structure